Reduce Risk
The cost of calibration is insignificant compared to the risks from failures, production delays, compromised safety, product defects, and product recalls. It’s been estimated due to a single recall a company is directly impacted by:

• Losing a full quarter of profits for the recalled product

• Damage to the brand

• Product liability claims

• The cost of rebuilding confidence with the company’s distribution channels.

Whether you operate in a regulated environment, need to meet the requirements of rigorous quality systems, or just want the security of knowing your instruments are getting top quality calibrations, you simply can’t afford not to have Autocal calibrate your new instrument.

Meet Quality Standards Right from the Start
You can count on Autocal to deliver quality calibrations you can trust. Autocal have earned the widest scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation in the industries we serve. Your instrument will have documented accuracy that immediately complies with your quality systems and regulatory requirements from the day it arrives.