Autocal’s ISO 17025 accredited calibration services ensures that all your instruments provide reliability, precision and traceability of results. Our leading dimensional instrument calibration capabilities are designed to optimise results and reduce inaccuracy in your measurements.

Micrometer Calibration
Autocal calibrates every type and size micrometer including bore micrometers, depth micrometers, groove micrometers and head micrometers as well as inside, outside, threat pitch, and vee micrometers

Caliper Calibration
We calibrate calipers of type dial calipers, digital calipers, and vernier calipers.

Tape Measure Calibration
Autocal is your source for tape measure calibration, ruler calibration and measuring scale.

Gage Calibration – Bore Gages, Ring Gages, Plug Gages
We calibrate every type of gage including plain and thread plug gauges, plain and thread ring gauges, snap gauges, pin gauges, feller gauges, dial gauges, bore gauges, height gauges etc.