High Precision Calibration Lab, at AUTOCAL, Vasai Road is established for electro technical parameters calibration. The ASPL laboratories establish the measurement traceability to the national / International standard through the HPCL at Vasai Road. The laboratories are equipped with complete range of most accurate and stable standards and measuring instruments traceable to national / International standard and are manned by qualified and well-trained personnel.

The state of the art high precision calibration facilities includes Electronic Standard Cells, Multifunction Transfer Standard, Thermal Transfer Standard, Multifunction Calibrator, AC/DC Current Shunts, RLC Standard, Frequency Standard, Power/ Energy Standard.

Each calibration performed includes detailed calibration report containing measured values, Measurement uncertainty and measurement traceability at each point of measurement.

The Calibration Services cater to almost all commercially available high precision equipment viz, DC/AC Voltage and Current Calibrator, Multifunction Calibrators, 7. / 8. Digit Multi meters, Standard Cells, Frequency Standard, LCR Standard, Power Energy Calibrators, and Power Meters etc.

The key areas of high precision calibration services include:
Voltage AC/DC
High Voltage AC/DC
Current AC/DC
Time and Frequency
Oscilloscope Amplitude, Time base & Bandwidth
Power / Energy

Oscilloscope Calibration
Autocal calibrates benchtop oscilloscopes from the top names in scopes including Keysight/Agilent, Tektronix, Instek, B&K Precision, fluke and many more. We also calibrate handheld oscilloscopes and scopemeters including the Fluke 190 series, the AEMC. Instruments OX-series, and the Keysight/Agilent U16-series

Power Supply Calibration – AC Power & DC Power
Autocal provides DC/AC-calibration services with DC to 100 MHz for all makes/models of power supplies. We calibrate AC & DC power supplies from Keysight/Agilent, Fluke, GE Panametrics, B&K Precision,Extech and more

Insulation Tester Calibration and Megohmmeter Calibration
Autocal services benchtop resistance testers such as the the Megger MIT500-series and MIT1000-series, as well as benchtop units from manufacturers such as Hioki, EIT Labs, and AEMC. We also calibrate handheld resistance testers and insulation testers such as the Fluke 1500-series and the Megger MIT400-series.

Micro-Ohmmmeter/DLRO Calibration
utocal calibrates Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters (DLROs) such as the Megger DLRO10-series and the AEMC Instruments 6200-series, as well as microohmmeters from B&K Precision, Extech, Hioki and more