Autocal has a dedicated training department which specialises in client in-house training alongside with general training courses. Our in-house training courses are tailor-made for each individual client. Our courses span all areas of Calibration and Validation activities and Autocal routinely conducts training on all services that we offer.

As part of each training course package, Autocal conducts an assessment on all participants at the end of each course, to assure full comprehension of all issued covered.

In addition to our in-house training seminars, Autocal holds an annual industry forum. These forums aim to address topical issues within the industry and relevant audit implications. The format adopted for these forums is educational, in conjunction with open discussion. This allows the participants to pool individual knowledge and experiences in order to collectively benefit from the forum. These forums are aimed at key personnel from all areas including technical services, validation, project management, production, laboratories and QA / QC.