Autocal’s mass standard calibration laboratories are climate controlled, with temperature maintained at 20 C and humidity between 20% and 60%. The labs are fully enclosed with the internal air supplied by a dedicated, circulatory HVAC system to reduce any airborne material and maintain the labs stringent environmental controls. We ensure all weights are provided an adequate temperature stabilization period which allows them acclimate to the lab.

Our mass calibration labs are equipped with marble tables for the lab comparators, thus reducing vibrations to nonexistent levels.. With traceability to SI units through NPL, and ISO-9001-compliant calibrations, Autocal’s accredited mass calibration capabilities exceed the most stringent quality requirements. Our quick turnaround time and our competitive pricing will beat most OEMs.

We undertake the calibration of:
• Digital balance up to 400 kg.
• 16. Analytical Weight Box (SS / Brass) / Cast Iron Weights F1 ….M3 Class. (1mg to 20 kg) using Mass Comparator