Emerald Calibration Labs Pvt. Ltd. (ECLPL) is an Instrument Calibration Laboratory established in 2013 with an objective of providing accurate, precise and reliable calibration services to its clients while upholding the highest standards of ethical business.

Calibration is a set of operations that under certain conditions establish relations between values indicated by a measuring instrument or system, or values represented by a materialized measure or reference material and values realised by measurement standards. It is the process of evaluating and adjusting the precision and accuracy of measurement instruments.

Calibration is vitally important wherever measurements are important, it enables users and businesses to have confidence in the results that they monitor record and subsequently control. Proper calibration of an instrument allows people to have a safe working environment and produces valid data for future reference. It is intended to eliminate or reduce bias in an instrument reading over a range for all continuous values.

For any type of industry, it is essential to provide efficient and reliable production processes. One important factor to facilitate this is a good working system for control of measuring instruments. Periodic calibration of the measuring instruments is extremely essential to ensure that the process parameters were as desired as per the standards.

ECLPL offers calibration services in Thermal, Mechanical, and Electro-technical fields. In the Thermal field, we offer services for calibration of instruments such as Glass Thermometers, Temperature Sensors, Thermocouples, RTD (Resistance Temperature Detectors) sensors, etc. In the Mechanical field, we offer services for calibration of instruments such as different range of pressure gauges, pressure sensors like pressure transducers, pressure transmitter components, etc. We also calibrate different types of air flow meters.

In the Electro-technical field, we offer services for calibration of instruments such as, Handheld digital multimeters (analog and digital) to 4.5 digits, Bench multimeters (to 4.5 digits), clamp meters, panel meters, electronic thermometers, chart recorders, XY recorders, Data loggers, Resistance meter, capacitance, frequency meters, volt meters, ammeters, etc.