Humidity Measurement is a very important process for our customers. To cater to our customers in the pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and manufacturing industries, Autocal has developed a set of best-in-class accredited humidity calibration capabilities to service relative humidity (RH) hygrometers, digital hygrometers, chart recorders, and many other humidity sensors.

Hygrometer Calibration
Autocal calibrates all varieties of Digital Hygrometers and Portable Hygrometers, such as the Extech 44-series, and models from Control Company and Hanna Instruments

Humidity Meter Calibration
We calibrate all makes / models of humidity meters and sensors including the Fluke 971, Vaisala HM70, and products from GE, Extech, and Control Company

Relative humidity (RH) Calibration
Need to calibrate an RH device? Transcat provides accredited calibration services for items such as Onset Data loggers, Dwyer Instruments RH Transmitters, and RH Probes / Pens from Extech and Amprobe

Moisture Meter & Dew Point Meter Calibration
We offer convenient managed services to calibrate all dew point and moisture meters including models from popular brands such as Amprobe, Extech, Testo, Fluke, and Amphenol